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What does traveling mean to you?

We believe that your stay in Alvor should be an extraordinary experience and the source of great memories.

At Villa Luxo, we invite you to escape into our magical world, leaving behind the fatigue and stresses of everyday life. 


Dive into our marvellous world & its surrounding, such as the golf course with sea view & Alvor's incredible coastline.


Enjoy the company of your family, partner or colleagues to the fullest,

you'll have the entire villa, garden & pool to yourself.


Live your finest life, satisfy your childish curiosity, leave your footprints at the golf course & at the beach, not in the sky.









Ursina Sanderink

"My mission is to provide you with the best possible experience and to ensure that everything runs smooth.

I am looking forward to hosting you."

Ursina will be your host. She is the daughter of the villa's owner.

You can contact her any time & she will be there for you

to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Rosa Rocha

"As the person on-site, I will assist you with

the check-in and organize extra services

such as a chef or baby cot you may wish.

I am looking forward to welcoming you."

Rosa is the co-host and available on-site.

She is responsible for welcoming guests and managing the team on-site that consists of chefs, gardeners, cleaners and repair people.


Daniela Almeira

My mission is to provide you with a safe experience by disinfecting the villa before and after every stay and make the villa sparkling clean.

Daniela is part of our cleaning team. She has been trained to clean during a pandemic and makes sure that you will have a safe experience.

She cleans and disinfects the entire villa before and after every stay. 

If you intend to stay longer, she will clean the villa once a week.


Mariana Monteiro

"As the gardener, I am responsible for making sure the garden is beautiful and well maintained. Together with my team of gardeners, I make sure that the

garden remains gorgeous" 

Mariana is one of the gardeners. Growing up in a house in the countryside of Portugal, Mariana has been gardening in her parents' big garden ever since and

loves what she does.

Ready to book?


We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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